When I think about sugar, the first thing that comes to mind is the white powdery, unhealthy stuff that most people put in their coffee. But I’ve come to know about some different healthy sugars recently. If you told me a few months ago that there are smart, healthy sugars, I would not have believed it.

Recently I was asked by a friend if I know anything about glycobiology? I have never heard of it and started researching it. As I searched for answers, I realised this is all relatively new, and not a lot of info and research about this subject is floating around, unlike a lot of other health subjects. The more I got to know about it, the more I am thinking, this looks like the missing link that we need to support our health and build our immune system.

The sweet coating

Did you know your cells are coated with sugars? These long chains of sugars are called glycans; they decorate many proteins forming glycoproteins and form what looks like a dense forest on the surface of our cells, called the glycocalyx. Have you ever wondered if you scrape your knee or if you get sick, how does your body heal by itself? These sugars on the surface of your cells are intelligent and strong communicators; they make all the cells in the body talk to each other. Clear communication between these cells is necessary to let the body do what it is designed to do, heal itself, protect itself against viruses and bacteria, regenerate where necessary and regulate all systems.

The need for sweet

We already know cells need certain vitamins, minerals, essential amino and fatty acids to stay healthy. Still, now we know they also require these eight sugars to combine with protein to form the glycoproteins for effective and healthy communication, protection, regeneration and regulation.

Where to find the sweet…..and don’t always

Where do we find these glycans or sugars? Well, it is supposed to be in our food, but unfortunately, we only mostly get 2 out of the 8 sugars, glucose and galactose through our modern diet. If we could eat as our ancestors did, we would get all 8, but our food system suffered greatly under agricultural methods, pesticides and processing. Most of these sugars are only formed the last few days in fruit and vegetables on the trees before they are ripe. Most fruit and veggies are picked green these days, long before those sugars are formed.

Sweet realities

We have in nature what we need to build up these sugars and supply our cells with the right nutrition to help our bodies to protect, heal, generate and regulate. There are so many modern diseases plaguing us these days, and modern medicine struggling to protect us. Maybe we should start with building up our protection system through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to free and protect us from all these illnesses. There is always a place for modern medicine, and it would be foolish to think you’ll never need it, but I am sure you will do a whole lot better if you first start with making sure your body is healthy as can be.

Sweet supplementation

Since our food system is not great, how do we supplement these glycans? Ambrotose from Mannatech is a glyconutrient supplement which contains Manapol powder which is a high quality, pure 100% aloe vera gel extract with no additives or common allergens. It also has arabinogalactan, tragacanth, ghatti gum, rice starch. It’s natural support for your body’s health, right from nature. Ambrotose powders are formulated with a specialised blend of glyconutrients to support cell to cell communication. With an added bonus of immune system support, these powders help keep your health at its best.

Live your sweetest life.

We live in a toxic world and around so many factors which can damage our glycocalyx. Our food quality is just not that great to give us the right nutrition for our bodies to function optimally. Ambrotose is a fantastic supplement to help your body function in a way for you to live a quality life.


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